Съвети за оцеляване в турнири с много играчи

Съвети за оцеляване в турнири с много играчи

Sunday Storm има своите тънкости. Това е един от седмичните турнири по покер с най-много участници, който освен това привлича интересна комбинация от различни видове играчи. Ако играете в Sunday Storm за първи път (или сте играли и преди, без да постигнете очаквания успех), ето някои съвети, които могат да ви помогнат:

1. 1. Внимавайте да не преигравате с ръцете в ранните фази! .
1. Структурата на Sunday Storm в началото е доста дълбока, т.е. в ранните фази трябва да внимавате да не загубите всичко със средно силни ръце. Понякога трябва дори да фолдвате силни карти префлоп, които иначе с удоволствие бихте играли в малко по-късни етапи на турнира.

The deep structure also means that for the first hour hands such as suited connectors and small pocket pairs that can hit huge flops are more appealing to play as you can win a lot more when you hit a really good flop. .

2. Don't play scared on the bubble.
A minimum cash will be important too much of the field, especially players who might have won their way into the tournament via a satellite for a small buy-in or FPPs. For this exact reason a lot of the more experienced players will really up their aggression as the money bubble approaches in order to pick up easy chips.

Cashing is nice, but the big money is at the final table. So don't be afraid to play back and take a stand, even though it could mean going out before the money.

 3. It's a marathon, not a sprint!
It's a long tournament, often lasting over 10 hours. So don't become reckless or discouraged just because your stack gets short or you lose a big pot. Most of the people who win a tournament that lasts that long are short-stacked at some point in the event. When I won EPT Copenhagen I had a hand go terribly wrong with 40 players left and was left with just 2 big blinds! But through the right combination of patience and luck I managed to run it back up to an average stack and eventually I had all the chips. Don't use a shortstack as an excuse to play poorly and lose focus! 

Good luck this week, and may your missions be successful!